Behind the Brand

Meet the Chaos Crew!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT- Sam, Erin, and Danielle

The Chaos Collection was created by two squirrely chicks named Samantha Dawson and Erin Saba =P. You may also know us as the co-owners of Ohana Fitness and Wellness too! Through our studio we have been creating swag for our clients for over 8 years! Back two years ago we teamed up with Danielle and started taking our merch to a whole new level. This is how our company was born! We partnered with Danielle and her company, Swag’D Custom Creations and decided to jump fully into this passion project of ours! It has always been a huge goal of ours to do something like this one day and we are so excited that time is now! Welcome officially to the Chaos Collection!

Partnering Up!

We created this brand based on the idea that even though we ALL have chaos in our lives, it’s so important to remember that it’s just a phase. This too shall pass.

We are here to remind you to laugh, giggle, smile, love, inspire and be authentically you. Even during the toughest of times.

Our collection isn’t just a bunch of random quotes and sayings. Each item is a piece of us and a reminder that it’s okay to dance in the rain.

on that note, let’s be friends! Go Follow us on social & don’t be afraid to reach out!

Samantha Dawson

Erin Saba

Danielle Reygaert